Hug A Pet Pillow Review

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Yn Gymraeg

Pet size: 18 inches
Pet weight: approx 540g

The Hug A Pet Pillow is a soft and comfortable pillow which turns into a pet.

I was given the Dragon pet pillow to review and I can honestly say that it is probably the comfiest pillow I’ve ever napped on!

It would make the ideal Christmas or birthday present for a young boy.

My nine year old cousin would absolutely love this and I’m going to give it to him for Christmas because he loves animals.

There are 21 designs which are suitable for both male and females. I also really like how it turns into a pet which is something that kids can use as another cuddly toy to play with.

Although they are ideal for kids, if you do ever get the chance to borrow one for a nap, I would if I were you!

Hug A Pet Pillows cost £19.95.

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2 thoughts on “Hug A Pet Pillow Review”

  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    Can I have a bed to test? I’m good at those to review! And thanks,Dan. Also, thanks, CLIC for the pillow to review! It’s really comfy and my mother had to take it from under me to stop me from sleeping all day today! x

  2. Ollys_Direction says:

    @chrisbilllly Haha, thank you! My cousin still uses the one I gave him! Thinks it’s great! x

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