HUMANEQUIN (Presented by Mess Up The Mess & Youth Cymru)

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So before I go into what the show was about, I shall give you the brief backstory of how this all came together. Humanequin first began life as a Community Action Project that was ran with Youth Cymru as a Part of the Big Lottery fund, they worked with the TransForm group – who are a young peoples group, to create a performance and film dispelling myths and the misconceptions about gender variance while also encouraging a conversation around gender identity.

The play is about gender, identity and finding family in the places you wouldn’t think of finding them – directed by Jain Boon and written by Kelly Jones, the actors worked alongside other members of TransForm Cymru as well as Radyr Comprehensive School. They shared their common interests and their own individual stories to then create a performance which educates, challenges and provokes a conversation about what it means to be trans in today’s’ society.

The play took place within Wales Millennium Centre’s Weston Studio and before entering there was a big crowd ready and eager to go in. As we entered we could see a minimalist set but this only added to the tone as it consisted of 3 boxes and 3 large metal gates which all were moved around throughout the play within every persons story to make it an ever changing set. It was never once the same.

The play follows 3 characters with 3 very unique story lines – characters played by Sammy Woodward as Rae, Harry Bryant as Max and Emily Joh Miller as Meg. Each persons story was told as if it was a chapter from a book, leaving us on a cliff hanger but linking into the next persons story. This kept up the tempo of the play and me interested as to what else was potentially apart of the story.

Overall, in my opinion this play was a wonderful project which should have a road tour across Wales’ many theatres as its a big topic. I believe this could help create loads of conversations up and down the country. The play itself was well thought-out and I loved the fact at the end we were able to contribute towards the set by writing something about what Trans means to you. For the little note I placed, I’m a young person campaigning within my College to get people’s signatures on a Trans Ally sheet while also providing people with information on how to be respectful to other people’s life choices.

I asked a friend of mine, who goes to a Cardiff LGBTQ+ Group called Impact, about what he thinks about Humanequin and he provided me with this “I thought it was painfully beautiful & so powerful it did get me emotional, and it also reminded us that we are all human”

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