How I Got Into Victon

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I would still class myself as fairly new to the Victon community and I would call myself a new fan, even though I listened to Victon’sdebute song as soon as it came out back in november last year.

I never really took the time to get into the group, but I liked the song ‘I’m fine’ so it was my bop for a little while, but I don’t really remember what happened for me to take the time to begin to get into Victon. However I do know it ended with me watching Victon crack videos at 2 am saturday morning.

A few days ago i really took the time to listen to the other songs by the boys, and i started to learn the names and their faces and honestly it may seem like ‘wow alisha it’s been a few days what an over-reactor’ but i really have grown to love the boys already and i think they may have just become my top ultimate bias group!

My bias in the group is han seungwoo, the leader, and I was thinking of making a post later as to why I love him, but maybe not. who knows if I will actually get around to making one.


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