I Had No Other Choice

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This again was a script that I wrote for my drama exam which I managed to get an A* on. Hope you like it!

(Lights turn on.)

Maisy: Mum please don’t make me go to school, please!

Mum: Why? You need to go to school, it’s important, without school, you don’t get a career and without a career you don’t get money and without money –

Mum & Maisy: You’re living on the streets!

Maisy: I know mum, you have said it all before.

Mum: Well, then. You know why you need to go to school. Now get your coat, you’re going to be late.

Maisy: Yes, mum!

(Maisy & Mum walk off stage. Maisy dragging her bag behind her.)

(Lights fade out.)

(Lights turn on.)

(Maisy walks onto stage reading her book.)

(Maisy bumps into Kacey.)

Kacey: Hey, watch where you’re going!

Maisy: I am so sorry.

Kacey: Yeah you better be! Have you got my homework?

Maisy: Yes! (Hands it to Kacey)

Kacey: This better get me a good mark or you will pay!

Maisy: It will, I-I promise.

Kacey: Good. (Snatches Maisy’s book and throws it across the stage.) Go fetch!

(Kacey laughs and walks off the stage.)

(Maisy kneels down to pick up her book and stays there for a moment.)

(She walks off stage.)

(Lights fade out.)

(Lights turn on.)

(Maisy is sitting on the floor reading her text messages; she reads aloud.) (Mum is off stage.)

Maisy: Just leave, no one likes you, drop dead, drink bleach, hang yourself, you’re so fat, how are you so ugly?

(Maisy starts crying.)

Maisy: Why would they say this about me, Mum! I am going to bed!

Mum: But it’s only 5 o’clock and you haven’t had your tea yet.

Maisy: I don’t care! (Maisy walks off stage.)

(Lights fade out.)

(Lights turn on.)

Maisy: Mum, I’m not going to school!

Mum: Yes, you are!

Maisy: Mum, please. (She starts crying.)

Mum: Why this time?

Maisy: (Hesitates) I am being bullied.

Mum: Maisy don’t lie to me now tell me the truth!

Maisy: (Shouting) I am telling you the truth; do you really think I would lie about that?

Mum: (Puts her hands on Maisy’s shoulders) Look, it’s just an excuse to not go to school; I didn’t like school either when I was your age. I don’t think anyone did. Now you need to stop crying, blow your nose and get your coat. You’re just having one of those days. Maybe you’re about to come on your period, who knows.

Maisy: Mum!

(They walk off the stage.)

(Maisy walks into school and sits down in the corner.)

(Kacey comes over with some other girls and boys.)

Kacey: I thought we told you to leave.

Maisy: I know, I wanted to but my mum –

Kacey: Your mum? Oh, you told your mammy. Well what a good little girl.

(They laugh.)

Maisy: Yes I did and I don’t think it’s very funny. I told her everything.

Kacey: And what did she say?

Maisy: (Muttering) She didn’t believe me.

Kacey: Sorry, what did you say?

Maisy: (Shouting) She didn’t believe me!

Kacey: (Serious face, getting closer to Maisy’s face as she says the sentence) Well that’s good then cause who knows what would happen to you if the teachers found out. I mean, something really bad could happen to you! (She smiles)

Maisy: (Whispering) Stand up for yourself, stand up for yourself. (Stands up) Was that a threat?

Kacey: Yes, I think it was! Why do you ask?

Maisy: You need to stop treating me like this, what did I do to you?

Kacey: Excuse me, what did you say?

Maisy: (Stutters) Umm, nothing, I said nothing.

Kacey: That’s what I thought. You better watch your back Maisy!

(Kacey and the rest walk off)

(Maisy sits back down, puts her head in her hands and starts to cry)

(Lights fade out)

(Lights turn on)

(Maisy walks on centre stage and turns on a video tape facing it towards her and puts a knife down on the floor; she sits next to the knife and starts to cry)

Maisy: If you are watching this it’s because I had no other choice. They drove me to it, I can’t do this anymore. No-one believes me; they all believe them, even my parents. I didn’t do anything wrong, it was their fault, not mine. I know I was the new girl but I didn’t think it would be this hard. Everyone hates me. The teachers say I am lying because they have known the girls longer and have evidence that they didn’t do it. Did it ever cross their minds that they might be lying? First it was just calling me names but now it is getting worse. It’s now spreading rumours, putting things on Facebook and ask.fm, telling me to do horrible stuff like kill myself and drink bleach. (Highers her voice) I can’t do this anymore. (Voice is getting louder through the sentence) They keep going on and on and on! When will it stop? They made me do this; at least someone will be happy when I am gone. They wanted this so now it’s going to happen. (She screams and puts her hands over her face) I am so…so sorry I am doing this. (Gets the knife she put on the floor a few moments earlier and holds it against her wrist, tears running down her face and gasping for breath)

(Long pause)

(Lights fade out)

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