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Last week myself and 8 other young people were invited to inspect RCT Services For Young People‘s Online Youth Information, after completing the residential that involved I-Spect training and enabled us to inspect this particular area.

We got together and discussed what we were going to do and how to go about doing it.

We had our list of Standards to which the service is to adhere to and the list of questions we had prepared from the Residential to ask the members of staff.

We interviewed WICID.tv, Detached, Youth Club Staff and other Young People, to coagulate our findings.

Once we finished our interviews we gave a brief description to our peers.

We wrote our findings onto our sheets and then returned the evening after to discuss and put together a report.

We, as a group, decided what to put into the report, suggesting what to do better and what the staff and services did well at.

After a grueling two and a half hours, we had completed our report and fed back to the Manager and Youth Information Worker.

We did a short presentation to the Manager and discussed our findings with the team.

Once the report is finalized it will be sent off to the Welsh Government and will also be a recommendation to give RCT Services For Young People a Welsh Assembly Government I-Spect Kite mark, for which the service has already achieved one.

We worked hard on our findings to give an accurate account of the services and their work to the standards.

I, and the team, are very pleased that we were invited to complete this inspection and want to say a massive thank you to RCT Services For Young People and to congratulate them on passing their inspection.

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