I wish he knew

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I know it’s kinda soppy and depressing, but be nice 😀

That’s me, sitting in the corner,
I’m not saying much,
Unusual for me,
I’m always hiding,
Hiding under the persona of a confident, funny girl.
The truth couldn’t be more different.
I’m quite shy,
But around ‘that guy’
I feel that I can change
I feel that I could be anyone
And then that goes when I realise,
we’ll only be friends
Why can’t he understand?
That we belong
And us alone are all wrong
I wish he knew,
I wish he knew,
That he’s perfect for me,
And I him,
Together we could take on everything,
Alone we’re nothing,
Together we’re supreme,
He knows how much I want him,
And that’s why I hate him,
It’s so silly,
I know I’m being dramatic,
But he makes me laugh,
He likes my music,
And he knows everything about me,
But still,
I wish he knew,
I wish he knew.

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    Aww, Vick! Love it! Yes, it’s soppy but still, it’s really well written xx

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