Ice Hockey Ahoy

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Let’s go Devils, let’s go!
Let’s go Devils, let’s go!

Ah, that was the chant I was dreaming about after the Cardiff Devils fans screamed it periodically through the three twenty-minutes of play time on St David’s Day against the Hull Stingrays, with a sweeping win of 6:1 to the Devils.

What a game, it was fantastic, if rather cold, although none of us actually caught a puck flying off the ice (fun fact for you, the highest recorded speed of a puck is 105.9mph set in America) and I certainly do not want to be hit by one in the face, so my eyes were on it at all times.

This trip was run in partnership with Y Pant cluster, the fabulous Leon and Hannah, and their young people enjoyed is as much as ours!

I think we will have to go again soon. Very soon.


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