I’m A Directioner!

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One Direction has changed my life. They showed me how to be myself and not to listen what people say about me; everyone has their own opinions. I have my own and they have their own. They’ve showed me how to have fun and what real friends are like.

I’ve been a Directioner since I first saw them on The X Factor and I’m their number 1 fan.

I love all the boys equally but everyone has got to have a favourite and mine is Harry Styles. If I met Harry, it would change my life. He’s like the one I look up to. I always used to get picked on and people used to talk about me and that but since One Direction has been out, I’ve started to stick up for myself and tell people what I actually think about them. I love One Direction so so so much. Some people I know have been dissing them and I don’t understand why.

I wish I could go back stage and actually meet the boys in concert.

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