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Ever since I was little I have always enjoyed singing. I have entered loads of singing competions, and when I was younger the first time I ever sang on stage was when I was 3-4 years old on holidays. It was Breaking Free from High School Musical – I was too scared to go on the stage to sing but my mum and dad made me feel better and made me go up. There were over a hundred people watching.

I was the youngest contestant, the rest were all 10 or 11. When I started singing people were clapping, singing along, I even got a standing ovation! My mum and dad were so proud of me; they were both crying. I forgot most of the words and started to cry – I stopped singing and called for my dad – the exact words I said were: “Daddy help me!” Soon, the results were announced and I was the winner, I couldn’t believe it.

The next time I was on stage singing in front of hundreds of people, I was seven and on holidays in Devon. I wanted to go up on stage to win again but I didn’t, I sang my daddy’s favourite song, and I came second. 

I sang at my auntie’s wedding and she was so pleased with me, so was everyone else – I sang Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. It’s my auntie’s favourite song. I have done loads of other singing in front of hundreds of people, but the one that my dad and step-mum ended up crying to was last year – I went on holidays and I went on stage with one of my best friends. We sang Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. The winner got to go to L.A. to sing in front of millions. Me and my friend won and we could have gone to L.A. but because I have stage fright, I turned it down.

My dream is to go on The X Factor with my friends Katie, Chantelle and Emma. It’s been my dream since I was four years old. I have watched The X Factor since it started.

While I have been watching The X Factor, I’ve realised that having stardom is nothing. People who are stars are the same people as us, but can sing.

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