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The Wicid website will sometimes give you a warning that the image you are trying to upload is too big, it might not seem obvious how to make your filesize smaller unless you are a whizz with photoshop.  But you don’t necessarily need photoshop in order to resize your image…

Depending on what type of computer you are using, you may find that there are other image editing programs already installed on your system that can be used for the job, you don’t have to do anything fancy, just make it smaller!  So it’s worth checking the programs you’ve already got to see if you can resize the image.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although you can change the size of an image in Word, it doesn’t actually reduce the size of the file, and you won’t be able to upload a word document to Wicid.  It has to be properly resized in a dedicated “image-editing” program.

Some free image editing software you can install if you don’t have one!

  • – a great choice for Windows users, this is like a fuller featured version of Paint, with better capabilities for photo editing.
  • The Gimp – this open source image editing software can be installed on Windows, Mac or Linux. Similar to Photoshop with a wide range of tools, it may seem complicated to new users, but allows you to do a lot more with your images, and there are plenty of tutorials to be found online if you want to explore image editing in greater detail.
  • Picasa – This Google software is good to use if you want to store your own photos online, with an easy uploader to picasa web albums.  Works on any operating system.
  • Digital Camera software – if you have a digital camera, you probably also have a disk with some form of image editing program on it.  Some of the software can be a bit limiting, but most should let you resize your image.

To get your image smaller

Open up the file you want to resize, into the image editing software.

You will find that probably your photo will appear quite large on the screen, certainly if it has come directly from a digital camera it will do.  Essentially what you need to do is reduce the dimensions of the image and resave it to make a smaller file.  Every program will have slightly different methods for doing this, check out the tutorial links below to see how it’s done in your program.

It’s up to you how small you want to make your image, but we would advise you not to go smaller than 370px 280px as that is the size of the images when they are displayed on Wicid.

When you have successfully resized the image, save it with a different filename and with the file format .jpg so that you can upload it to the site.  Check that the filesize of the finished file is under 2MB, and if so you’re ready to go!


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