In Loving Memory of an Amazing Boy

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Problems and issues can be a pain, right? Your boyfriend or girlfriend has just dumped you, you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas, or you’ve fallen out with someone. A lot of these problems can be solved, but this one just couldn’t

Harry Moseley was diagnosed with a brain tumour back in 2007. He had problems with his vision and after lots of visits to the opticians and local hospital; he was given an MRI Scan which showed he had a tumour that could not be operated on due to it being deep in his brain. The chemotherapy didn’t work and his tumour continued to grow. His only other option was radiotherapy. There he met a young boy, Robert Harley, who was also receiving radiotherapy for a brain tumour. The two boys grew close together as they both had their treatment the same day, everyday for six weeks.

Unfortunately, Robert became very ill in 2009, so Harry decided to make and sell beaded bracelets to raise lots of money for brain tumour research to help make Robert better. Sadly, four weeks into the campaign, Robert lost his battle against the tumour.

Harry continued to work on the campaign to help make a difference to all people who suffer with brain tumours.

Last year, Jeremy Kyle took Harry and his family to Lapland to visit Santa and they had an amazing time. When asked what he wanted for Christmas, Harry’s response was “I want there to be a cure for brain cancer because I don’t want others suffering like me. I know you can’t do that, so next on my list is a bike.”

Word about Harry’s campaign got about and loads of celebrities and shows,etc. all got involved. Everyone who met Harry thought he was an extraordinary boy with a heart of gold. “I am incredibly proud to support the Help Harry Help Others campaign. Harry is an extraordinary young man who has turned his difficult experience into a quest to help others. Please support him and help us raise thousands of pounds for vital brain tumour research.” Said Leona Lewis.

Another person who supports Harry and his campaign is Britain’s Got Talent judge, Amanda Holden. “I met Harry Moseley at the Children’s Champions Awards. I am so proud to support this young man’s campaign.”

In August, Harry went into a coma and was in one for thirteen weeks. On October 8th 2011, Harry passed away in his mothers arms. It was heartbreaking for all of Harry’s friends, family and supporters of his campaign to lose such a remarkable, young boy.

I saw Harry’s story on Jeremy Kyle’s five days of Christmas and I don’t normally cry at the TV- I get saddened by things but when I saw this story, I broke my heart crying. Harry was such an amazing young boy who I would have loved to have met and he really had a heart of gold. The world needs more amazing people like him and I really wish all the best to the campaign that is still running.

It was Harry’s wish that the whole of the UK would wear one of his bracelets with pride. You can support Harry by ordering one of his bracelets on his website, I’ll definitely be buying one as soon as I possibly can. It would be amazing if you could,too. It can make all the difference.

Rest in Peace.

Harry Moseley.

22/02/2000 – 08/10/2011


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