Day 1

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Day 1 

The format for each day will be pretty similar. A well-being activity related to careers and the world of work will start each day, these have been designed by our Mental Health and Well-being Graduate officer, Gareth. Today’s activity is called ‘Comfort Menu’ and will help you explore what activities lift your mood or make you feel happy. 

Comfort Menu Resources

Then, each day we will be hosting 2 live events with industry speakers. These live events will allow you to not only hear from people in different industries and roles but to also interact with them, ask questions and get the information you need to make informed decisions about your own futures. 

Today’s guests are;- 

Apprentice and Graduate Coordinator 

Throughout this week, you will hear a number of references to apprenticeships. Apprenticeships are often misunderstood and there are a number of common misconceptions associated with them, such as; 

  • Apprenticeships are only available in trades (e.g. building, plumbing, engineering) 
  • Apprenticeships are only for young people
  • Apprenticeships are only an option if you don’t get the grades to go to college or university 

Sian is one of our apprenticeship and graduate coordinators and she will be shedding some light on what an apprenticeship with RCT Council really looks like. 

Education and Waste Services Graduate Officer 

Laura is featured in one of our work experience videos talking about her role as a graduate officer within waste and education services. Laura’s role has a focus on renewables and recycling, both of which are industries that are likely to see huge growth in the coming years. Laura will also shed some light on the graduate scheme and what a graduate role is. 

Labour Market Information Activity

Following the live sessions, there will also be some additional activities to guide you through your work experience week. Each day, these activities will have a unique focus. Today’s focus is on Labour Market Information (LMI)LMI is extremely valuable for anybody looking for a career as it helps us to identify trends in the labour market (world of work), meaning we can identify which areas of work are growing = more jobs, or shrinking = less jobs. We can then use this information to identify which qualification we need in order to access these opportunities. Now, complete the LMI activity on KahootThe game PIN is 008553536 

Day 1 Videos:

Peter Hughes – Physiotherapy

Laura Britton – Waste and Education Graduate

Check in again tomorrow for Day 2!