Day 2

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Day 2

Welcome back! Hopefully, everyone found the LMI activity useful as a way of beginning to recognise which roles and which industries are likely to be in high demand and therefore offering lots of opportunities over the coming years. If you’d like to find out more about the LMI and priority sectors in South East Wales then here are some useful resources;-

Today’s well-being activity is the ‘Strengths Plan’. The Strengths Plan will help you to identify your own unique strengths, identify strengths that you’d like to use more often and design a plan for doing this. Understanding your strengths is not only useful for identifying roles and careers that might be the best match for you, but it is also particularly useful when completing application forms or attending interviews as employers want to hear about what you’ll bring to the party.

Strengths Plan Resources

Today’s guests are;- 

Chris Rowe – Senior Practitioner Social Worker (Miskin Project) 

Social work and social care are regularly featured on the news and they have become much more prominent due to the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Chris is an experienced Social Worker within RCT Council and he will be able to share his insight into the sector and give you some further information about what a day in the life of a social worker looks like. 

Charlie Phillips – Graduate Officer 

Charlie is part of RCT Council’s Graduate Scheme and has joined us in the middle of the pandemic. As well as switching most of its staff to working from home, the Council also recognised that we needed new methods of creating and sharing information with our residents and that’s where Charlie comes in! As a videographer, Charlie’s role is to imagine, plan and create content for the Employment, Education and Training Team. Roles in Creative and Digital are growing rapidly and companies are always on the hunt for new skills and ideas to help them stand out from the crowd. Find out how Charlie got into his role today. 

Diagnostic Tests & Job Profile Activity 

The focus for today is on beginning to identify potential options and careers ready for when you decide to leave school. Whether you’re in Year 10, 11, 12, 13 or have already left school, at some point you will have to make some important decisions about the direction that you’d like your life and your career to start going. Some of you may have strong ideas about what you would like to do, but for many of you this decision might seem daunting and overwhelming….and that is fine. Luckily, there are a number of resources out there that can begin to identify potential careers based on your character and personality, these are called diagnostic tests. Go to the diagnostic test and job profile activity. 

Parent & Guardian Information session 

This session will give parents and guardians an overview of the different options available to pupils when they leave statutory education. The session will explore pathways including apprenticeships, college and university as well as looking at the Labour Market Information for South East Wales, shedding some light on areas of industry which are likely to grow in the coming years. 

Day 2 Videos:

Naomi John – Social Worker

Steffan Griffiths – Videographer and Marketer

Check in again tomorrow for Day 3!