Day 3

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Day 3 

Hi everyone! Today’s well-being activity is all about ‘Exploring Stress’. It could be argued that all of you have more reason to be stressed than many of your predecessors given what has happened as a result of the pandemic. However, understanding what stress is, what causes stress for us personally and how we can deal with that stress is vital for not only the workplace but also in our daily lives. 

Exploring Stress Resource

These days, on average, most people will have at least 12 jobs in their lifetimes. This can be for a number of reasons; more money, easier to travel or work remotely for international companies, greater demand for skills. So, it is important that we are not under any illusions that we need to find our dream job as soon as we leave school. In fact, your dream job when you leave school could be very different to your dream job at 25 or 30 years of age. Use your time wisely and try a number of different areas of work while you have the chance. Work experience, internships, externships and volunteering can all give insights into various sectors and roles. 

Many of you may feel like you have no idea, but this is a perfect time to start exploring your options. Use the Career Explorer to consider what you want and what the best route there is. A very brief overview of your options, include;- 

Further Education – Whether this is A Levels, a College Course or a University Degree it is important to consider what your end goal is and whether you’re choosing the correct qualification for what you ultimately want to end up doing. Many careers require specific degrees (e.g. Social Work, Teaching, Medicine and Nursing) so it is vital that you do your research in your chosen career. 

Gap Year / World of Work– Having spent your whole lives in education, some of you may feel like you want to try something new and get out into the world of work. Whether this is paid work, volunteering or a structured program (e.g. an internship) this will give you crucial experience for future opportunities. Remember, you can always go back to college or university once you have found something that you’re passionate about. 

Apprenticeship – This has become a very popular choice for school leavers as it offers the opportunity to continue learning whilst also getting paid and working for a company. It is important to understand that apprenticeships are available at different levels and the qualifications required to enter the different levels will vary, although many apprenticeships will offer the opportunity to progress through the levels. Competition is always high for these opportunities and they are not just for 16-18 year olds, so make sure that you’re doing things that make you stand out from the crowd (like Virtual Work Experience Programmes);- 

  • Foundation Level (Level 2)
  • (Advanced/Standard) Apprenticeship (Level 3)
  • Higher Apprenticeship (Level 4)
  • Degree Level Apprenticeship (Level 5+)

Corbin Bishop – Exercise Referral Professional 

Corbin has successfully progressed from a casual leisure centre attendant to an exercise referral professional and now works with a range of individuals and groups to support them to improve their lives through exercise and healthy living. During his career, Corbin has also worked within the leisure centre gyms and has completed his level 2 and his level 3 personal training courses in order to reach his current position. With an ageing population and levels obesity at worrying levels, roles within health and fitness are likely to continue to be in high demand. 

Molly James – Marketing 

Molly is a Marketing & Projects Officer with RCT Council and works closely with the Vision Products Team to highlight and advertise the work they do and the products that they create. Marketing has become an area of rapid growth across South East Wales crossing into several other sectors, such as ICT and Creative Industries.

SMART Goal-Setting 

Following on from the diagnostic tests and job profiling activities yesterday, hopefully some ideas have begun to form in relation to potential options after education. This is never set in stone, even once you’re actually in a job, and you always have the freedom to change your mind. However, it is useful to begin setting some goals to ensure that you’re taking steps towards your end goal event if you’re unsure what that goal actually is at the moment.  

With that in mind, today’s activity is all about Goal Setting. Goal setting can be a really useful exercise for planning out what you need to do in order to be successful and also for holding yourself accountable to that plan. Now, take some time to complete the SMART Goal Setting Activity. Following this, write a letter to your future self, outlining what you hoped to have achieved by then through the FutureMe website. Your letter can be as detailed as you like as long as it outlines the goals that you hope to have achieved by your chosen date. 

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Day 3 Videos:

Corbin Bishop – Exercise Referral Specialist

Dewi White – Production Operative

Check in again tomorrow for Day 4!