Day 5

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Day 5 

The final day! Hopefully, everyone has enjoyed the program this week or has at least taken something useful away from it. The reality, for the majority of you, is that finding your dream job is a long and challenging process that takes a lot of hard-work.  

Therefore, anything that you can do to stand out from the crowd will benefit you. Things like; Virtual and Traditional Work Experience, RCT’s Positive Achievement Award, Volunteering and Internships demonstrate your willingness to learn and show your enthusiasm. So, don’t be afraid to mention your participation in this programme when you go for future interviews as it shows that you went the extra mile to get some experience at a time when there were very limited opportunities available! 

Our final well-being activity is called ‘Gratitude Jar’ and will help us to reflect on the things that we appreciate and feel thankful for. 

Gratitude Jar Resources 

Our final 2 guests for the week are;- 

Hannah McCoy – Teacher 

Hannah is a Science Teacher in one our secondary schools in RCT and also a Careers Leader, so she understands the importance of getting some work experience. Hannah will be able to give us an insight into the teaching profession here in Wales and talk about how the industry has and will probably continue to change as a result of the pandemic.  

Ellie Hughes – Digital Graduate Officer 

Ellie is a Graduate Officer within our Digital Services Department. With over 10,000 employees, the majority of whom have switched to working from home, Ellie has been extremely busy in the last few months. More than ever before, digital services have been a core function of the services that RCT Council offers. Hopefully, Ellie can shed some light on what life is like working in the digital sector.  


Resources like Virtual Work Experience have become more important than ever in the current climate and we want to ensure that we are always improving the service that we are providing. So, the last thing that we’d like you to do for this week is to give us some feedback. Please complete this evaluation and help us to improve this programme for future cohorts.  

Now it’s down to you! Please feel free to access these resources again to refresh your minds on anything that’s been discussed. It’s never too late to start planning for your next step, so here are some useful places to start. 

  • UCAS – The primary database for college and university courses across the UK
  • USW Network 75 – USW’s Degree Apprenticeship Scheme. 
  • Coleg Y Cymoedd – Coleg Y Cymoedd (A Levels, College Courses from Entry Level to Degree Level)
  • RateMyApprenticeship – Information on apprenticeships, including; top employers, degree apprenticeships, vacancies.
  • Careers Wales – For further advice and guidance and a range of apprenticeship opportunities across Wales. 

Day 5 Videos:

Tatum Tonge – Secondary School Teacher

Ellie Bartlemore – ICT Digital Graduate Officer


Thanks everyone and good luck!