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Unemployment can be really tough. It can be very difficult to get a job and you might have to apply to a number of employers before you are successful.

Experiencing numerous rejections, sometimes without any feedback, can affect your confidence and enthusiasm, especially if you have been out of work for a long time. Struggling to pay for things, having nothing to fill your time and no extra money to do things is boring and frustrating.

While you’re out of work, it is important to be careful with your money and find out if you are entitled to any benefits or support whilst you search for employment. The government provides financial assistance to some people in the form of benefits. People who may be entitled to benefits can include people on a low income, people out of work, women having a baby, people with disabilities and people with children. Some people will always be unable to work because of their circumstances.

For those that can and want to work the Jobcentre can help you to find work that will suit you. They have a database of jobs available that you can search through. You could also go to an advice service such as Careers Wales who will have lists of jobs available and can give advice on getting work.

Read our section on Getting a Job for more information about where to look for jobs and for help with CV’s and application forms. Alternatively, while you are unemployed you could think about starting your own business and becoming an entrepreneur or volunteering to gain more experience and skills.

Whatever your situation and however long you’ve been unemployed, try to remain optimistic and hopeful that you will find employment. It might take time, you will need to be persistent and the job you find at first might not be what you would like to do as a career, but keeping a positive attitude towards finding work will really help you.

The YEP Service can support you with finding the right Job or training provider.  In fact they have Youth Engagement and Progression Officers who look specifically with supporting you with this.  If you would like to know more get in touch with the YEPS Facebook at www.facebook.com/YEPSRCT