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1. The street rat who finds a genie in a lamp
2. This Chinese heroine went to war and saved China
3. This young elephant used his giant ears to fly
4. An adorable deer who is friends with a skunk and rabbit
5. Her fairy godmother helped her go to a ball where she lost her glass shoe
6. This little robot found a plant and had an adventure in space
7. This hero came from Greek mythology
8. This princess had very long blonde hair
9. This queen sang the song Let It Go
10. The princess of Agrabah who falls in love with Aladdin
11. This Scottish princess was great at archery
12. This daughter of the Chief loves to sail the ocean and found Te Fiti
13. A mermaid princess who wanted to walk on land
14. This princess was turned into a frog
15. This bookworm lived with a beast and talking furniture
16. This talking dog is friends with Mickey Mouse
17. This blue magical character was trapped in a lamp
18. Mufasa's son who would become King of the Pride Lands