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1. Italian meal dough covered in tomato sauce and cheese and many toppings
2. Edible fungus
3. Vegetable with layers that can make you cry
4. A bird that lays eggs
5. The meat part of Bangers and Mash
6. A popular breakfast option you eat with milk
7. Baked dough you use to make sandwiches
8. Green salad ingredient iceberg
9. Popular canned fish
10. A popular meaty sandwich ingredient
11. A red or green fruit that grows on tree
12. Sour yellow fruit
13. An orange root vegetable that Bugs Bunny loves to eat
14. A curved yellow fruit
15. A fruit with the same name as a colour used to make marmalade
16. A small red fruit with lots of seeds on the outside
17. A small and round green vegetable that grows in a pod
18. A vegetable you use to make chips and crisps
19. This big and orange fruit is popular for carving at Halloween
20. This yummy treat is made from cocoa beans
21. This wobbly dessert is often found at parties
22. Made from milk cheddar, brie, and parmesan
23. Chickens lay these