Catch Up On The Last Meeting

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Youth Forum Minutes Monday 16th November

This month the 3 Youth Forums merged

  • Ryan delivered a workshop on Anti-bullying to compliment Safeguarding Week – all our members were very engaged in the topic and shared excellent ideas about to help themselves and others who may be being bullied.
  • Rob Kempson (Education Psychologist) joined us to discuss how our members could help support the development of the RCT Wellbeing Plan and an exciting opportunity for them to tell their story so they can help others. (it looks like a great idea)
  • We then went into our own forums (in a virtual meeting room) and discussed upcoming topics including:
  • Voting for 16 year olds (an older) looking at how we can raise awareness and encourage young people to vote in the Senedd Elections
  • Making Your Mark – raising awareness of how to vote in the November elections (more info on WICID)
  • Caring Pebbles – The pebbles, paints and varnish has been purchased so we can start designing and dropping our pebbles around RCT sharing caring and supportive messages and pictures with the info about YEPS and how we can support young people. Keep a look out for them.
  • Our next meeting will be Monday December 14th at 6pm on Zoom