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February 2021 Area Forum Update

It’s been an extremely busy month for our three area forums (Rhondda Cynon & Taff). Take a look below at what we have discussed in our meetings and what we have been working on:

Rhondda Forum
  • Members of Rhondda Youth Forum Met at start of February to decide which projects they wanted to sign up for from now until May. All members signed up to be involved with three key projects in currently in place. The Senedd vote taking place in May (which allows 16 and 17 year olds to vote for first time), Champions of Wales Project supporting young person rights and South Wales Police Youth Website.
  • These three projects have kept all members busy throughout February. They have been involved with Champions of Wales Projects with five members of Rhondda Forum being attending the sessions every Friday. They have been working on promotional activities for the Votes@16 campaign discussing ideas and filming information Vlogs, TikToks and Reels
  • They are now building their relationships as forum members using the Rhondda Forum Whatsapp group which is now in place


Cynon Forum
  • Across the three forums, there may be an argument to say that the Cynon Forum had the most fun of all in February. They were able to squeeze in a couple of activities including cooking, Pancake making and a quiz.
  • There was some work for them to do though as they started discussions on how Cynon Forum members can drive forward the information in that area for young people on how and why to vote in May’s Senedd Elections. Naomi along with Cynon Forum members began creating some sample ideas for YEPS Instagram page which were shared with the other forum areas.
  • Cynon Forum also had members attend the weekly Champions of Wales sessions and have been vital part of the discussions in that group


Taff Forum
  • Young People from Taff Forum worked heavily on Votes@16 Campaign- Discussed the importance of voting and how we inform other young people how to vote and what they are voting for.They looked through the vlogs released by the Senedd looking at history of Senedd, their members, the powers they have and supporting young people with the all-important vote
  • Discussed different ways to promote the work of the Forum on Social Media
  • The group set up and began moving our discussions to Forum Whats app group that has been really useful in between meetings
  • Seven of our Taff Forum Members are also involved in Champions of Wales Project which runs every Friday evening

March promises to be just as busy for our three forums as they look to continue working and these important project. If you would like to more about the forum in your area, click this link.-

*Also tune into YEPS TV on March 31st for a Forum Special.*


Youth Forum Minutes Monday 18th January

The 3 forums were merged and discussed the following:

  • An upcoming project called ‘Champions of Wales‘. We met with Safer Wales as a forum to discuss starting the project in the next few weeks. The project is focused on empowering young people through a number of topics such as exploring their rights, gender equality, voting rights and feeling safe In their local communities. All young people are welcome to join the project, please get in touch with your youth worker if you’re interested. More info here –
  • Each forum also spoke as individual forums and discussed:
  • Voting for 16 year olds and how we will be looking more into the Senedd and the different roles and responsibilities.
  • Upcoming project with Welsh Police
  • Individual group project ideas for the coming months (community based etc.)
  • Our next meetings will be in February – dates to be confirmed




Youth Forum Minutes Monday 16th November

This month the 3 Youth Forums merged

  • Ryan delivered a workshop on Anti-bullying to compliment Safeguarding Week – all our members were very engaged in the topic and shared excellent ideas about to help themselves and others who may be being bullied.
  • Rob Kempson (Education Psychologist) joined us to discuss how our members could help support the development of the RCT Wellbeing Plan and an exciting opportunity for them to tell their story so they can help others. (it looks like a great idea)
  • We then went into our own forums (in a virtual meeting room) and discussed upcoming topics including:
  • Voting for 16 year olds (an older) looking at how we can raise awareness and encourage young people to vote in the Senedd Elections
  • Making Your Mark – raising awareness of how to vote in the November elections (more info on WICID)
  • Caring Pebbles – The pebbles, paints and varnish has been purchased so we can start designing and dropping our pebbles around RCT sharing caring and supportive messages and pictures with the info about YEPS and how we can support young people. Keep a look out for them.
  • Our next meeting will be Monday December 14th at 6pm on Zoom