Youth Voting Project 2019

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The RCT Youth Vote 2019 is your chance to have a say on which project area will receive 10,000 of funding!

Last year, 76 % of you said that there’s not enough education or information on how to vote by the time you’re old enough to vote in local and national elections!  67% of you also felt that you would like to vote at the age of 16. These stats suggested that the majority of you are interested in voting but may lack the confidence to do so due to not knowing what to do on polling day.

On July 11th, every school council in RCT will have the opportunity to run a polling station which will give you the voting experience to help prepare you for the real thing!. The vote will also run in youth clubs across RCT from July 8th to July 12th (dates and venues listed below).   

You’ll be voting on which of these project areas should receive £10,000 of funding:

  1. Raising awareness and supporting positive mental health in RCT – WINNER (1736 Votes)
  2. Tackling youth homelessness in RCT – (1239 Votes)
  3. Exploring the fear of knife crime in RCT – (791 Votes)

The result of the vote was announced on July 19th 2019. See results above.

If you’d like to get involved in relation to the winning project area, please contact Andrew Burrows by emailing or calling 07887450750.