Youth Inspectors

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What is the Youth Inspectors scheme?

The Youth Inspectors scheme is an opportunity ran by YEPS for young people to get trained up to carry out an inspection on youth organisations and groups on whether they meet something called the Participation Standards. They will then depending on the results of the inspection either recommend or not recommend a project for the National Kitemark (an award for being one of the best projects that meet the standards).

What are the Participation Standards?

The Participation Standards are a way to measure if a youth project or organisation is working with young people to create a service that works for young people. There are 7 Participations Standards and they are:

  • Information
  • It’s Your Choice
  • No Discrimination
  • Respect
  • You Get Something Out of It
  • Feedback
  • Working Better for You

What does a Youth Inspector do exactly?

Youth inspectors are young people who carry out checks (Inspections) to see if young people are being listened to, respected and get something out of attending. This involves:

  • Going to training days
  • Attending meetings with other Youth Inspector Members
  • Making visits to youth clubs
  • Writing reports – these are to recommend improvements or put the group forward for an award
  • Having fun days out (part of the You Get Something Out of It standard)
  • Working with the RCT Youth Forum

How does the inspection process work?

An organisation will fill out a self-assessment on how they think they have met the standards and this is sent to the Youth Inspectors team. The youth inspectors then go out to the project/organisation and check to see if they meet the standards based on what they see, what young people say there and what evidence has been sent as part of the self-assessment.

From the inspection visit the youth inspectors will write a small report and will then either recommend them to Young Wales to approve them for the National Kitemark (an award given by Welsh Government for being one of the best projects that meet the standards) or the youth inspectors will give a report with recommendations and ways to improve.

Why should I become a Youth Inspector?

If you become a Youth Inspector you will have the opportunity to:

  • Get training
  • Meet other young people
  • Get to know more about services in your area
  • Attend fun activities
  • Get experience that you can put on your CV
  • Learn more about your rights as a young person

If you’d like to find out more about the Youth Inspectors and how to get involved, please contact Andrew Burrows on 07887450750

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    Please note that the Youth Inspection Team is currently “on pause” for a while, watch this space for more information about when it will be resuming.