Virtual Work Experience Programme


Virtual Work Experience Programme

Hello everyone and welcome to the first ever Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council Virtual Work Experience Programme. The past few months have been strange and unsettling but we hope that everyone is looking forward to a brighter and more positive future.

Speaking of futures, we are very firm believers that work experience can be a major advantage on your journey to whatever your next step is in relation to employment, education or training. Experience of a real work environment and an understanding of the skills and qualities that employers are looking for will certainly help when it comes to filling in applications and answering interview questions. Not to mention, it is an ideal opportunity to start exploring what type of career you would (or wouldn’t) eventually like to pursue.

All of the videos that you’ll see throughout this week have been filmed by volunteers on their smartphones. Given the current situation in relation to Covid-19, we have had to limit the number of careers that we are able to showcase to you. That being said, Virtual Work Experience is something that we’re really keen to continue to offer in the future so we will be looking to get your feedback at the end of the programme.

The VWE Programme will run over 5 days between 13th – 17th of July and will be split into 3 topics;-

Day 1 (Monday 13th July) – Preparation for work experience.

Day 2 (Tuesday 14th July) – Exploring different careers.

Day 3 (Wednesday 15th July) – Employability skills & evaluation.

Day 4 & 5 (Thursday 16th & Friday 17th July) – Opportunity to collate and complete all activities.

To see the full schedule please click the link: VWE Schedule

New activities will be released on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. These activities should take no longer than 1 hour to complete each day and participants will have until Friday the 17th of July to complete all of these tasks to be awarded the Virtual Work Experience Certificate.

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Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Virtual Work Experience Programme”

  1. Dylan Lancelott-Barlow says:

    How do I get my certificate because I have done all the tasks but I don’t know how to get it?

  2. Abbie Davies says:

    Hi Dylan, please email and they can assist you with your certificate! Thank you

  3. Employment, Education and Training Team says:

    Hi Dylan,

    The certificates have been emailed to you school’s Careers Leader, so they should be with you soon!

    Thanks for getting involved!

    EET Team