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Do you remember a video I made a few months ago called Love Me for Who I Am?

Since then, we had a lot of positive feedback and even over a thousand views – something none of the participants expected. The video is even a featured video of – and has been since it was uploaded. The amount of optimistic feedback inspired the idea to make a bigger project.This project was then called ‘Inspire’.

So, what is Inspire? Inspire is a project that’s merely an idea right now but in the future, it’s something that’ll hopefully be expanded as it inspires people through creating videos and letting people have a voice. Our mission is to give a voice to people, no matter who they are. Everyone deserves to be heard, so we want to let people have this opportunity.

Our current video that we are working on is called ‘Stand as One’ and is about bullying. It’s similar to Love Me for Who I Am, but this time, it’s focusing on sending messages out about bullying and is letting you be more creative with the photos.

The photo can be something like:

  • A picture of you happy, or with something or someone that makes you happy
  • A picture of you with a sign saying anything related to bullying (e.g, I suffered, you’re not alone, it hurt, screw the bullies etc.)
  • Or any other creative idea you have – let us know if you do.

Sound interesting to you? Well, why not participate? Email:, or check our Facebook or Tweet us @_InspireProject. It’d be great to have you on board with the project!


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