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Inspire has been running for almost a year now and we’re growing more and more over the months. We’ve seen so much in our short period of time, as a project, that we want to celebrate the inspirational people of Wales (and beyond) young or old, individuals or groups, we want to celebrate them! Know someone/some people who tick those boxes? Then keep reading.

How to nominate:

It’s simple. Just fill in the form (below) and email it to us at – Make sure it’s filled with as much detail as possible because it’ll boost your chances of your nominee getting shortlisted. We will then take your nomination form to our panel of judges who will…well… judge and shortlist the nominees. These nominees will then be invited to the awards next year to celebrate and have a ruddy good time whilst being recognised for their hard work. Don’t worry – there’ll be 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes, so there’s a good chance if you’re shortlisted that you’ll get something!

We have categories, but we pick which category/categories your nominee will be strongest in. For you to have an idea of who to nominate our categories are:

 Most Inspirational LGBT Young Person

 Most Inspirational Website

 Most Inspirational County Group (Any group/club that is based in one county that’s inspirational)

 Most Inspirational Musician

 Most Inspirational Person Under 25

 Most Inspirational Person Over 25

 Most Inspirational Recreational Group

 Most Inspirational Volunteer

 Most Inspirational Charity Worker

 Most Inspirational Person In Education

 Most Inspirational Group Of People

So, now you know what you need to know, you can get nominating!

This is the application for the Inspire Awards.

Nominee’s name:-
Why have you nominated this person?
Could you please give an example of how this person is inspirational?
What is your relation to the nominee?
Any other comments?

Fill this form in and send it to

The deadline is April so you have plenty of time to nominate people/groups and don’t worry – there’s no limit as to how many different people/groups you can nominate!

Good luck and we hope to see you at the awards!

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