International Forgiveness Day

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On Wednesday 24th October 2012, all over the world it is International Forgiveness Day.

Forgiveness Day is an important day in the lives of most people as they forgive others who have done bad things to them, personally, in the past or have even done bad things to other people such as friends, teachers, work collegues and many more.

I, myself, enjoy Forgiveness Day as I like to forgive people who have done bad things to me recently.

Recently. my closest friend let me down by going out with his girlfriend when he promised he’d go to watch Cardiff City with me on the weekend, but I forgave him as he would forgive me if I did the same thing to him.

If anyone has ever done something bad to you in the past and they want you to forgive them for doing it,  just forgive them as you will be friends for longer if you forgive them.

So, on Wednesday, go and see all the people you’ve let down and see if they will forgive you and hopefully you will do the same back if they have upset or let you down recently.


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