International Youth Conference 2012

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International Youth Conference 2012

The City of Ravensburg and the student council will hold the 5th International Youth Conference from October 26th – November 2nd, 2012.  

Since 2003, 60 young people from Ravensburg’s partner cities have been meeting every two years in Ravensburg to get to know each other, conduct discussions with peers and develop joint projects.   Together with the planning team made up of the local student council, as well as representatives from the city, there will be young people taking part from France, Italy, Belarus, Wales, Croatia, Spain, Israel, Turkey and of course Germany.  This conference will also include for the first time a delegation from the Greek Catholic School in Nazareth.

The subject matter for this year’s Conference is: “We will design our environment in 2030”, where the delegates will discuss things that have happened but also those things which may come.  The future can be our big chance when we know how we can effectively preserve it.  Discussion will be around ideas on how our environment may develop for the year 2030.   The participants will discuss such topics as “Climate Change/Ecology”, “Human Rights” and “Internet/New Media” – as well as take part in a game to learn the function of the EU Parliaments. 

But the participants won’t miss out on any fun!  There will also be sport, music, and other creative activities taking place.

The visit should make for an unforgettable time in Ravensburg, exciting discussions, fun, and interesting meetings with people from other countries and cultures.

We need 3 Boys and 3 Girls

Aged 16 – 19

Deadline for application is 14th September 2012

For more information please contact Kerry Rees using

Download our leaflet here

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    i am gutted tho i am 20 but i am short for my age would of loved to do it and i got ADHD 🙁

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