International Youth Conference Update

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Greetings “von” Deutchland. I’m assured by Katie that that’s German so let’s just roll with it:

Guten Tag from Ravensburg!! We’ve been here for 2 days and so far we’ve done nothing but eat, drink, sleep, listen to the odd Natalia Kills song, try to understand German and make lots of friends with people from all corners of Europe.

Good news all around, Ravensburg is beautiful, it’s snowing and I am now fully assured I won’t be part of a modern day rmake of the Wicker Man. To officially kick off the International Youth Conference (but the French weren’t there because they were late. Typical French…) we made a presentation about Wales. I am of course not in any way biased but our group were the best. I wore a daffodil hat and am now something of a celebrity in Ravensburg…

We’ll update you with more shocking developments if and when they arrive. But from Germany it’s auf wiedersen, pet….


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