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Yes, the update of our ‘adventures’ is this time brought to you from the Muni in Pontypridd. I’m currently writing this on an iMac so I’m feeling very, very posh.

Anyway, this week the ‘Super Six’ (plus Katie and Nigel Wheeler…he’s the big boss in charge of everything environmental) discussed various environmental issues, such as metal theft and litter. Yes, litter. A serious discussion for a serious meeting with very serious people.

Another discovery this week; Recycle Mike is, coincidentally, NOT called Recycle Mike but is instead Rhys Cycle. Below you will see several obsessive pictures of Rhys Cycle…Katie, the first step in solving an obsession is admitting you have one.

Yes, so we’re all very excited about Germany, which is a week Friday – not like we’re counting!

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  1. pandy12 says:

    Hope you have fun in Germany 🙂 My brother recently did a Youth Exchange in Germany and he enjoyed every minute of it 🙂

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