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We are 6 young people from around RCT that have come together to form..well, a super-group if I’m perfectly honest. ABBA take that. There’s me, George (no I don’t live in the Jungle), Joely (first name Angelina), Lydia (the token ginge of the group), Alys (that’s with a ys, mind) Dexter (he does own a laboratory) and the legend that is…Tom Jones (yes, the real Tom Jones straight from the Voice).

We will be representing Wales in the International Youth Conference, Ravensburg in October. This event is a huge opportunity for the young people of Wales and of other countries to show each other the best of their culture and we want to ensure that the Welsh culture is proven to be as strong as it can be. Let’s be honest, we have Shirley Bassey. How more amazing can we get?

The International Youth Conference takes place every 2 years and allows young people from the ages of 16-19 from countries around the world including France, Italy, Belarus and others featured on Eurovision to discuss their views on things that matter and to teach one another how to love…only joking, we’ll teach each other about our cultures.

This year the topic of discussion will be “We will design our environment in 2030”; we will be discussing through various activities the problems that the environment faces and what can be done to ensure that our environment is well preserved in 2030 and in the distant future. We are also being given the chance to learn about one another’s different cultures that makes our country unique, apart from Shirley Bassey.

We are keen to show Wales as best as it can be to interest other countries and we are passionate to show other countries our Welsh culture. So we’ll be showing them an episode of The Valleys.

We are currently regular planning meeting to discuss some of the topics being raised in the conference. And we’re eating sweets. It’s a hard life, eh?

P.S. This is a sentence dedicated to Katie and Leon. They buy us sweets so yeah, hey.

Watch this space. The End.


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