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First off, I apologise as this is rather late in coming. How will you ever forgive me?

I shall continue. On the third of February, I received a call from the dear CLIC editor, Ryan. He told me that my name was picked out of a hat to review Russell Howard the next day (February 4th) and to interview another comedian, Steve Williams, the following Tuesday (which was the 8th, fact fans). 

I fulfilled the first task, and reviewed Russell Howard’s Right Here Right Now show. Fancy having a read? Of course, and you can read it here.

Though, as my mind has been on other things such as university and helping out with Wicid, I’ve rather neglected the AIFF file on my computer’s desktop. Though, as the lovely people at CLIC and Wicid stated that I could use this for my course for my Radio Production module, I thought I’d make a quick edit for you lot on the interview.

The day of the interview was a bizarre one. The editor of Wicid, Catrin Southall, picked me up from my house and drove me to the neighbouring town of Aberdare, where Tantrwm are situated.

As I waited for the clock to hit the specified time, I waited with nerves running their way through my body, as if it was the Nerve Olympics. When it was time, we rang the number and waited to be connected to Steve Williams, the Newport-born comedian who has performed on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow and helps write Russell Howard’s Good News with Howard and two other writers.

Al last, first contact was made. Though, it was not the start that I hoped. I apparently sounded like a dalek, so Chainey from Tantrwm began to create a new set up for the interview.

After changing it from Skype to Chainey’s iPhone, we had another problem. I still sounded odd. He turned down the volume on his phone, and everything was fine. The interview commenced, which you can hear here…

Interview With Steve Williams – by CrazyDistortion

As you can hear, that is, if you are actually listening to it, the interview went well. Obviously, as this is my first interview, my nerves got the better of me and I couldn’t say the questions out as well a I’d hoped. Nonetheless, Williams made me feel very comfortable, even if he ripped me apart with some parts due to my idiocy. Nice.

At the point of the interview, Williams was on tour, though only a few shows are left now.

I’d like to thank Steve Williams, and the people at Clic, Wicid and Tantrwm for giving me the opportunity to interview him.

Let me know what you think of my interviewing skills. Or lack of.

Happy days, eh?


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