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Wheatus is a rock group that hails from Northport, New York, and to most of you, they are known as the original singers of Teenage Dirtbag. Thirteen years since the release of the single, Wheatus are still here and delighting fans with more tours and new music across the world. This year, they are returning to the United Kingdom for a tour with their new LP, ‘ The Valentine’, and I was lucky enough to have an email interview with lead singer, Brendan, to catch up with what’s going on with the band.


Wicid: So you’re coming back to Wales! Are you excited?

Brendan: Very much so. I mean…it’s Wales.

Wicid: What can we expect from your gig at Hobo’s, Bridgend?

Brendan: Lotsa new stuff. Almost the entire 1st record, some new covers, fun & joyous smiles from us, MC Lars, Gabrielle Sterbenz and Ventura Project.

Wicid: You’ve been a band for quite some time now! What do you think is the key for a band to be able to last a long time?

Brendan: Well…I think the answer is different for each band. Our formula was to make the records we wanted to hear without compromising for radio play or trends at the same time that we were very careful about money. We also stayed the hell away from labels and managers but that’s just us.

Wicid: You released The Valentine LP in August- what can you tell us about that?

Brendan: It’s a collection of 10 new post-apocalyptic love songs. It also has my favourite song on it that we’ve ever done. The song, Valentine, has a groove about a couple learning to hun in the wreckage of the final bank crisis.

Wicid: You seem to be gaining a lot of younger fans lately- why do you think this is?

Brendan: I’m not sure but…they all seem to be coming from one direction….. likewhatididthere?

Wicid: On your Twitter, you talk to a lot of One Direction fans. Would you say they’re annoying as other people are making out to be?

Brendan: No way! They’re a smart bunch of kids…irreverent as hell. It’s easy to make that assumption without knowing anything about them but once you do you’ll forget the very idea of them being annoying.

Wicid: If you could put on a huge event for all your fans and supporters of the band (besides a general concert), what would the event be and why?

Brendan: An all-day album performance & video game barbecue…where we play one album at a time and eat barbecue in between.

Wicid: What else do you have planned for 2013?

Brendan: 35 UK & Ireland Dates & followed by a bunch in the USA –

Wicid: What advice would you give to young people who wish to start a band and follow in your footsteps?

Brendan: That’s tough…know that there is a unique way forward for every artist and follow it…get to know every aspect of the process…if you can’t load a trailer or set up a  mic or sell merch then you’re not qualified to be on stage yet so maybe get with the working side of the business before you do anything else.


Wheatus will be performing in HOBOS, Bridgend on 23rd September. Get your tickets now! 

Image: Wheatus Facebook

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