Inventions Teenagers Wish Existed

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We teenagers love inventions. Such as the internet, the iPod, Sky Plus and so on. But my friends and I have always dreamed of some inventions that we wish existed! And I’m sure we’re not the only ones who want these.

Emergency Weather Kit

Okay, this one is one I think people of any age would want. A little pocket filler with all different clothing/needs for certain weather. For example, if you come home on a dinner time and you say “should I take an umbrella back with me?” and you are advised not to, then suddenly it pours down on your head and you have no hood (thanks, Mam!), you can just pull out an emergency umbrella from your pocket and voila! You’re dry!

Mind Reading Pen

My hand tends to cramp up in lessons where we are doing shedloads of coursework, and people complain about my handwriting, so I think that it would be a good idea that the mind reading pen was made! You just programme it to your thoughts and it writes for you! No more hand cramps for me, and no complaints from teachers who hate my handwriting, which is a cheek because most of their handwriting sucks, too!


You know when you’re in a class and your strict teacher won’t let you talk? Isn’t it annoying? So if you could use something like MSN in your mind, you can talk to your friends without getting a detention! Hurrah!

The Digital Locker

Well for starters, just any type of locker would be nice in our school but whenever we ask the school council, we get a big fat no. Anyways, it’d be really cool to have digital lockers. Where there’s like loads of shelves in there and you click the button and it rolls to the shelf you want. That way you can store loads of things in there. You could check your Facebook or Wicid on there, too!

Phones Disguised As Calculators

I’m sick of hearing a teacher saying “is that a phone?!” Although, I’m a good girl and don’t text in class, but it’d be cool if calculator phones exist so you could make your teacher look a burke and say “It’s my calculator! I’m taking my education seriously!” Tee Hee.

The Outfit Picker

Probably applies more to girls than boys. All girls keep saying “I have no clothes! I don’t know what to wear!” but with this invention stuck on your wardrobe, it can pick an outfit for you, show an image of you in it, give you reasons why you should wear it and a picture of a celebrity wearing something similar so you know it looks good. Sorted!

The Human Remote Control

When I get the annoying kid that keeps on and on and on at me talking complete and utter rubbish, it’d be epic to have a remote control to put them on mute. Or if I can’t wait for something, fast forward! Or If I missed a bit of what my teacher said about something important, replay! You get the idea. These would be really handy!

I wish someone would invent these. I would, but I’m not clever enough, so I will leave it up to the experts.

What inventions do you guys wish were real?

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    haha I agree! Exept I don’t have to do chores =) unless homework counts as a chore…. x

  2. Ollys_Direction says:

    haha if you do, give me one! I can be your guinea pig & test it! haha

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