Is Big Brother: Power Trip Worth Watching? – Part 1

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Is Big Brother 2014 really that good? Well, here’s what happened from Week 1.

Day 1 – Christopher, Helen, Danielle, Kimberly, Mark, Matthew, Pauline, Steven, Tamara and Winston entered the Big Brother House. Pauline was the public’s early favourite and was duly awarded the power in the house. She then had to pick one housemate to reward and one to punish. She took to the challenge with focus and quickly decided that Mark should get five grand and Matthew deserved to spend the night in a box.

Day 2 – Six new housemates: Toya, Chris, Ashleigh, Marlon, Ash and Jale enter and change the dynamic. Pauline’s power continued to grow and she chose to give Helen a pass to the final and Jale to be up for eviction every single week.

Day 3 – Day 3 saw the beginnings of a love story that will be remembered for at least a couple of weeks, when Tamara and Winston shared a steamy bath, later the housemates had to arrange themselves from ‘Most’ to ‘Least’ in various different awkward categories.

Day 4 – The first nominations went on that day and the sunny atmosphere turned into something of an overcast. The housemates decided to relieve the tension with a nice game of ‘carpet drag’ around the house.

Day 5 – Tamara, Danielle and Jale announced as the first housemates up for eviction. It’s fair to say that Danielle didn’t take the news well.

Day 6 – Big Brother decided it would be a good idea to insist that housemates be happy no matter what, in the Power of Positivity shopping task, but it wasn’t all happy for Mark where Big brother enforced a ban on make up and no fake tan, and it went down-hill from there. A few unlucky housemates had to take part in Big Brother’s task to do with the Power of Positivity task which was called ‘Happy Hour’ where they had to drink horrible drinks with various animal items.

Day 7 – The Positivity Law was still in place and the housemates had to start the day in a group ‘ROFLing session’. That day also concluded the shopping task with the final part of the task being an obstacle course which housemates had to do and ended up looking a bit like chickens.

Day 8 – Day 8 got off to a blistering start when Pauline and Jale swapped an early morning constitutional for an early morning confrontional. In happier and sexier developments Winston arranged a surprise date with Tamara, resulting in a sweetly awkward snog. The end of Day 8 proved to be a pivotal moment when Chris ascended to the power throne by virtue of a public vote, ushering in a new age of paranoia under the reign of the Secret Power Housemate. Oh, boy, weren’t they paranoid.

Eviction 1 – Tamara was the first to be evicted and Chris stirred things up by choosing alpha female Pauline to face the public vote of Friday.

Day 10 – Proved to be a day of two halves when the boys tried out light-hearted and unorthodox flirting techniques in the morning and then Steven was contentiously revealed to be the second housemate up for eviction this week. He didn’t take it well he ended up crying about it.

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