Is The Ice Bucket Challenge Just A Craze?

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Yn Gymraeg // Welsh version

Any human being who has been alive and breathing over thelast couple of months would have either seen or taken part in the Ice Bucket Challenge. While it’s supposed to be raising money for the ALS Foundation, could it just be anew craze just like loom bands and Gangnam Style? Thousands of people acrossthe world, including celebrities, have taken to the challenge with a smile and alaugh, but not everyone sees it like everyone else.

I personally disagree with the new way of raising money forALS, not because I don’t think the foundation deserves the money but because Idisagree with the new fundraiser as each person uses at least 1-2 litresof water and tips it over their head in the cause of raising money. Although, ifwe break down the newly-dubbed craze I will let you decide whatyou think about it.

Good Points – The point of raising money through having alaugh and getting soaked can be really fun and with the hot weather in someplaces, it can cool a lot of people down and give a lot of people a rightgiggle by nominating their friends and family to do the challenge. Between thedates of July 2014 and August 2014, the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised anamazing $94,800,000 and that’s an amazing feat. 

Bad Points – Many places in the world suffer shortages offood and water. While we use litres of water during each nomination,there’s people in places around the world who die every 3 seconds due toshortage of water and the water they do have is contaminated with dirtyperoxides amongst other things. It would be more respectful to thesecountries if we just donated money instead and used the water for useful thingsinstead of just wasting it. Each nomination raises money, why not justgive a donation instead of using water which could save millions of lives?

My Personal Opinion – I personally think that the Ice BucketChallenge started out with the aim to raise money for ALS, but then later turnedto become the ‘Latest Craze’ for many people. I live in the UK wherewe don’t need to worry or think twice about water or food, or where they comefrom, but I do have respect for people who don’t have food and for people have to drinkcontaminated water.

I personally believe the Ice Bucket Challenge shouldn’t betipping water over your head, it should be boxing up many bottles of water andpackets of food and sending them out to countries that need them.

Whats your opinion? Have you done the Ice Bucket Challenge? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you for reading.

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