Is This The End For Facebook?

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Facebook is great, isn’t it? Well, I think so, anyway. It’s a great way to contact family (especially if you have members of your family living across the world like me), old friends, new friends etc but apparently, not everyone seems to think so anymore.

According to data-form market research firm Nielsen, Facebook has lost 10 million users in the USA and has seen no growth in monthly visitors in the UK over the past year. Research shows that the number of unique visitors to the site from computers, smartphones and tablets has fallen from 153 million in March 2012 to 142 million in March this year (2013), having peaked at 158 million last August.

Those numbers are hinted at in recent stories suggesting Facebook’s user base may be peaking, but the Guardian points out that Facebook has said: “…the number of users accessing from personal computers is falling, while traffic from mobile devices is surging.”

About a year ago, the social network barely had a mobile business. This week, Facebook disclosed how that has changed: nearly one out of every three dollars it produces now comes from advertising on smartphones and tablets.

So, are you losing touch with Facebook these days? Is it more about Twitter and Tumblr? I must admit, even I’m starting to use Facebook less and accessing social network sites via my phone, but not as much as other people, simply because I hate using small screens for too long. Do you think Facebook will be the new Bebo and be too embarrassing to use? Comment below.

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