It is time to be heard!

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…it all started with a promise…
…that became an idea…
…that soon turned in to a dream…
…a dream for the world to see.
We are not sex slaves.
We are not soldiers who kill meaninglessly.
But we do have a voice.
A voice that is honest, we can be louder than crowds.
It is time we showed people that we can make a difference and that we do care.
This is our world. We are the next generation to take it over. We should have a say in what we will take over. We should have our say. We should have our say in how history should be made.
We have a right to freedom of speech, but people are to afraid to speak. Finally, someone has spoken up on the behalf of others. We should encourage it.
It is time for the <?xml:namespace prefix =” st1″ ns =” “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags”” />Rhondda to take action. It is time that our little community made a contribution to the bigger world. It is time we all take part and save those who cannot save themselves.
People like Joseph Kony should be put away.
Children shouldn’t be afraid that he will take them from their beds while they sleep.
They shouldn’t be afraid that they will one day be taken away from their family, or worst yet, have to kill them.
They shouldn’t need to fear living where they do.
No one should need to fear even living.
Together as a society of the world, we can make a difference.
I am proposing that somebody out there does something to help.
The YouthPromotersNetwork and are there to help young people with their dreams. Watch the video, because it will eventually become your dream as it has mine.
We should all come to together and organise an event that will help contribute money to this tragic tale of events. That will help all of us, feel safe from the people in this world like Joseph Kony.
No one should prefer death, because they believe it will be better than living in fear.
So somebody hear their pleas…hear our pleas.<?xml:namespace prefix =” o” ns =” “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office”” />


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