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For a different change of pace from my usual article topics, I’m going to talk about a subject that I recently discovered during one of my contextual studies lectures in my university Art & Design course. During a Wednesday afternoon, we came in and made paper hats out of A1 pieces of paper, which had me in for a loop before we were taught about the Fluxus art movement. The movement basically refers to the freedom people have in creating art as those who started the movement didn’t like the way in which art was being portrayed at the time and made what some consider to be ‘anti-art’ pieces.

But I don’t want to bore you with something that may not be of much interest to many people. If you are interested, though, look up the Fluxus art movement in your spare time, maybe it’ll help expand your art knowledge if you want to do higher education, maybe? I’ll stop here with a quote by Robert Filliou (he’s the guy who made the paper hats! We’ve come full circle guys).

It is art that makes life more interesting than art.’

At the end of this lecture we were all informed of a looked-over holiday that not too many people out there know about, and that is Art’s Birthday. Basically, Filliou claimed that January 17th would be the date of ‘Art’s Birthday’ claiming there never used to be such a thing called art millions of years ago. He wanted to celebrate the ‘birth’ of art after witnessing someone dropping a dry sponge into a bucket of water…well, each to their own I suppose. This has something to do with the Fluxus movement again guys, if you don’t understand I don’t blame you, I’m still a little baffled myself.

But the important thing here is that we, or rather, Wales – as a country – also helps celebrate 17th January with Art’s Birthday Wales. Many different themes have shown up over the years, but for 2014 (this may be irrelevant if this article gets carried over next year) the theme is on the word ‘utopia’. For those who don’t understand the word, it means: ‘An ideal and perfect place or state where everyone lives in harmony and everything is for the best’.

Now, an actual event for Art’s Birthday Wales is taking place in Swansea on the 17th, but for those who can’t make it such as myself, we can also play a part by emailing: with our submissions for what our individual interpretations of the word ‘utopia’ means. The idea of a perfect place is completely different to each and every person in the world. For example, here are my interpretations of my utopia.

A world where everyone is non-judgmental over another person and accepts them for who they are as a whole being. Everyone is human after all, we are all equal in that respect, why look beyond that?

A place where people will talk to everyone by choice and not because they have to. Somewhere that you can be thought about rather than ignored. Being forgotten about is sometimes worse than death.

These are simply my views on my utopias, but what does everyone else think? You can make a comment down below, and/or email your thoughts of a utopia. It doesn’t have to be anything long, it can be a few words or a short phrase, or even a picture if you feel like showing people rather than telling them. I would have done so, but with the date being so soon and my art project work holding me down. Yeah…maybe next year if the theme is something to talk about, perhaps?

But yeah, art! It has a birthday, it’s a thing. I mean it must be if it has a birthday, right? Bring it cake? Or you could bring me cake, that would be nice, too. Okay, I’m going now.

Image: nicelittlestatic

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