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Hellllllooo everyone!!

It has been a while since my last post I know, but I am back on track now (ish). It has been quite busy, with lots of activities in Tonyrefail from the uber fantastic Urban Festival to bowling (ten pin), Drayton Manor (which was so successful we just had to run it TWICE!), hair and beauty and construction to name a few. Of course, we could not have done it without our partners namely Tonyrefail Communities First, E3+ and the GGCA.

I am posting because we have had many young people asking about midnight Ice Skating this year and interest is rapidly growing. Yes, we are organising an activity to go midnight ice skating in December, and no the places are not full. In fact we are only now organising it, so do not listen to the rumors that it is full and it is too late to ask to go. We have not given out parental consent forms yet. If you are interested, then drop us a hello and let us know. If you want to call us, text us, bbm us or even reply to this post and let us know that way rather than in person then that is fine.

I am active (again!) on Wicid, so keep at least one peeper open to see what is going on. There are more activities coming up, but I wanted to sort out the confusion regarding midnight skate first.

Oh yeh, for those of you who have been asking, Rhian and me are once more in Tonyrefail school from 3rd November on Thursdays, so come along and pop in for lunch time drop in at room 15!

have fun and stuff



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