It’s Cow Appreciation Day

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The 15th July is also known as Cow Appreciation Day. Now, that’s something to moo about.

The cow is a symbol of wealth and in India, cows are the sacred animal. Slaughtering the cow is a forbidden act and their meat is seen as taboo. People in India consider cows as spiritual figures as they provide dairy products and dung as a fertilizer for crops.

The day works in a number of ways:

For one day only black and white spots are getting appreciated at Chick-fil-A restaurants across India. The people who celebrate this day, by going to the restaurants in black and white (or wearing black and white spots), will win a free meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner).

Some people on this day actually go to their local farms and go hug cows or kiss them. You don’t have to go to extreme measures to celebrate this unique day, though. You can simply enjoy a cold glass of milk.

You should all do something new in your life and this is one opportunity that you can’t miss, so go ahead and join in the celebrations of Cow Appreciation Day.

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