It’s Valentine’s Day!

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As you probably all know, Valentine’s Day is celebrated onFebruary 14th. Which is today. And tomorrow it will be yesterday, and yesterdayit was tomorrow. There’s a riddle for you, right there.

Anyway, it’s a day of the celebration of romantic love andmany people traditionally give cards, letters, flowers or chocolates to theirspouse or partner. Nowadays, though, Valentine’s Day gifts range from thetraditional to the contemporary so some people may not get letters, flowers etcbut receive other items such as vases, DVD’s, hairdryers etc. Each totheir own, as they say. Some people also arrange a romantic meal in arestaurant or even a weekend or a night away.
Common, renowned symbols of Valentine’s Day are hearts, red roses and Cupid(the god of desire, love and affection).

What do people do?

Many people celebrate their love for their partner bysending cards or letters, giving gifts or flowers and arranging meals inrestaurants or whisking their partner away for romantic weekends. Manyrestaurants and hotels have special offers at this time. People who’d like tohave a romantic relationship with somebody may use the occasion to make thisknown, often anonymously. Valentine’s cards are often decorated with images ofhearts, red roses or Cupid. Common Valentine’s Day gifts are flowers,chocolates, champagne or sparkling wine. Even J2O. However, some people use theoccasion to present generous gifts, such as jewellery and expensive clothes.

Public life

Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday. Government officesand buildings, shops, schools and other organisations are open as usual (unlessthe owners/workers have gone away for a romantic stay). Public transport runson the regular schedule. Restaurants may be busier than usual as many people goout for an evening with their spouse or partner. Valentine’s Day is also a verypopular date for weddings.


There are a number of Saints called Valentine (uncannily) whoare honoured on February 14th. The day became associated with romantic love inthe Middle Ages in Englandand this may have followed on from the Pagan fertility festivals that were heldall over Europe as the winter came to an end.Traditionally, lovers exchanged hand written notes. It was only in themid-nineteenth century that commercial cards became available and popular.


The most common Valentine’s Day symbols are the heart,particularly in reds and pinks, and pictures of Cupid. Cupid is usuallyportrayed as a small winged figure with a bow and arrow. In mythology, he useshis arrow to strike the hearts of people. People who have fallen in love aresometimes said to be ‘struck by Cupid’s arrow’. Other symbols of Valentine’sDay are couples in loving embraces and the gifts of flowers, chocolate, and redroses etc that couples often give each other.

So, what are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Have you gotanything planned or do you think Valentine’s Day is a pointless date in the calendar? Let us know, comment below.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Valentine’s Day!”

  1. SirClucky says:

    I think it’d be nice if people shared their Valentine’s stories?

    I had two of my best friends over and and made a 3-course meal, it was the best and most fun Valentine’s I’ve had. It saddens me the amount of people we spoke to who said: “Valentine’s Day is only worth it if you have someone” we’re all single, but the room was full of love!

    Yes, probably an excuse to sell Hallmark stuff (as as Halloween has become) but a day where people are forced to celebrate love? Oh, I’m all for it!

    P.s It’s felt to be very bad luck to get married on Valentine’s Day – which might explain why the Divorce rate is up .. correlations!


  2. Ollys_Direction says:

    I spent my day on Wattpad, reading a story someone had written. And my mother made Valentine’s Day cupcakes and I had heart-shaped pasta. The day after was better for me because I had Olly Murs’ autograph! Fangirled for AGES.

    About three years ago (I think?), I held a sleepover with my friend’s who were single and we just had a laugh, listened to music, one of our guy friends came over for a bit and we were all being nutters, enjoying the single life and then when it was time to go to bed, we put the chart show on and they had the top ten valentine’s day songs on and then we fell asleep. Probably the best Valentine’s Day I ever had! Why should it only be about romantic love? You love your friends and family, right? Celebrate that love!

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