Jobs At Royal Mail Available Over Christmas

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Everyone needs that extra bit of money over the often-too-indulgent Christmas period (apart from Gareth Bale); whether you need the cash to help you finance that final present or that last-minute extra bag of potatoes, money is essential over the festive period.

So, here’s an opportunity to earn that vital last bit of moolah.

The Royal Mail are recruiting over Christmas, with approximately 20,000 jobs available nationally. The job consists of working as a Christmas Casual at Mail Centres, processing mail during the extremely busy postal weeks of the year. Some roles may also include delivery and driving work.

Full and part-time vacancies are available and you will work for 3-4 weeks during December 2013. You’ll be working as part of a team; sorting mail by hand, bag and label mail and supporting the movement of mail within the centre. This will include standing for long periods of time and some heavy lifting – of up to 11kg.

Benefits of working for Royal Mail include:

• The jobs offer a competitive hourly rate of pay, which pays more than the national minimum wage.

• There’s no formal interview – interviews are short and sharp and involve no testing.

• No previous experience or qualifications are needed for the role. The role is open to applicants of all backgrounds and experiences.

• If you demonstrate the right behaviour and attitude, your hard work may be rewarded with a further position.

For more information, download the information sheets below:

Royal Mail Flyer

Royal Mail Adviser Fact Sheet

Royal Mail Customer Checklist

Royal Mail Customer Sheet Xmas 2013

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