John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum – Movie Review

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John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum as the title suggests is the third film in this franchise. In this energised movie, John Wick has a multi-million-dollar price tag to his name with an artillery of assassins on his tracks. After he killed a member of the “High Table” (federation of assassins), John Wick loses all his underworld privileges and is hunted down by the most ruthless eliminators in the world, all of whom want that money.

Before I tell you more of this film, lets recap the second film, more precisely, exactly what lead to the multi-million-dollar bounty he earned; John Wick entered the hotel known as The Continental, this is consecrated ground, meaning anyone killed here, would suffer the same fate. Mr Wick arrived at The Continental with the intention of breaking this rule and killing Santino D’antonio, which he succeeded in doing. The person who ran the hotel, Winston, was forced to place a bounty on John Wicks head for breaking this rule. So, began the events of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

We open the film seeing John Wick running, in more ways than one, he is running out of time before the bounty on him is active, and running to prepare himself for the upcoming fight. Moments later, the first of many fast paced, heart racing fight scenes begin, with Wick being interrupted during his preparations, this scene demonstrates that John Wick is more than just a suit and gun, showing us he can think on his feet, and use any means necessary to win.

The film contains many fights scenes, these scenes are exhilarating, with barely 5 minutes go by from one fight to the next. For the majority of his fights, John Wick works alone, though there are two fights where Wick is assisted by Sofia (Halle Berry) and her two dogs, these scenes show that Wick can fight just as well with a partner as without. When Wick is not fighting numerous bounty hunters and facing insurmountable odds, he is being chased by the bounty hunters. The most memorable being John Wick on a horse versus numerous assassins on motorcycles, the chase is slightly humorous.

This film brings in old faces, such as: The Bowery King, Winston and Charon, as well as new faces, such as: Sofia, The Adjudicator and Zero. There were many animals in this movie (NONE of which were harmed during the making of this film) the dogs especially, that show Sofia and John’s affectionate side, as well as being deadly back up.

Wick travels all over the world in order to stay alive (the reason why he wants to live will shock you), he survives using any means necessary.

The end of the film leaves much to be desired, suggesting there will be a fourth movie, centring betrayal and probably involving more mass death.

So, if you like: almost non-stop action, intense chases, dogs, strong female characters and a horse being chased by bikes. This is definitely the film for you!

Out of 10, this is a certain 9 stars. It loses the 1 star because I feel sometimes we need a bit more of a gap between fights to let us, the viewers, digest the previous fight, other than that, no complaints.



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