July Through Pictures

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In our regular series of photography by Peter Elliott, this is July’s edition.

Peter has this to say about his photos from July:

“Firstly, I must apologise for there not being an article or slideshow of last month’s images posted, the reason being that I was busy with exams and therefore had no images to show you. In my spare time, I was revising and resisting the temptation of Facebook and Twitter, and I haven’t any images from the photography class because I was putting all my BTEC together and finishing it off.

But fear not, we have loads this month. The majority of them are from my recent holiday to Switzerland, but there’s also a few in there from Porthcawl when we had all that sun and hot weather, remember it? Our summer for the year? Yeah. Well here they are, enjoy.”

Find more of Peter’s photos on Facebook.

Find more of Peter’s photos on Twitter.

Image: nightglow

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