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As you may be aware, National Anti-Bullying Week is November 18th – 22nd 2013 with a theme this year in England and Wales of tackling cyber bullying and keeping youth safe online.

Full Circle are launching the Keeping It Respectful online and in-school campaign to celebrate National Anti-Bullying Week 2013. Full Circle are going to be #KeepingItRespectful and taking over social media throughout November, to tackle cyber bullying and highlight the positive power of technology.

This is what Full Circle have to say about the campaign:

‘A theme for this year’s anti-bullying week is ‘Keeping It Respectful’. We want to encourage young people to use technology, particularly social media, in a responsible and respectful manner. To mark this week in a fun way we’re launching a competition to ‘take over social media’. Young people (and adults!) can download our message poster, write why they think keeping it respectful is important, snap a picture of themselves holding their message, and share on our Facebook or Twitter pages using #KIR2013. It’s simple, and highlights how these tools and technologies can be used positively – plus someone will win a great prize! A poster is attached with more information.

We would like to encourage as many young people to participate as possible, and would be grateful if you could share this information with any youth you support, including through assemblies, PSE sessions/workshops, or through your online networks.

To participate:

1. Click this link and download the poster:
2. Write your comments or message of support
3. Snap a ‘selfie’ or get someone else to take your picture
4. Upload it to your or our Facebook page ( or Twitter ( using #KIR2013

Download the poster here.

If you’re a parent or a carer you can find a free tip sheet on this website, or if you’re a teacher or a youth worker you can also find a lesson plan on the website at:’

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