Keith Lemons Lemonaid

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Keith Lemons Lemonaid is a television show on ITV1 at 6:15 PM on a Saturday. The show features Keith Lemon as a host and has a different helper every week.
The show is based on helping people to achieve their dreams such as giving people VIP tickets for shows and one in a life time experiences like going in a hot air balloon. As Keith is the host and he sits on a large mustache and a portrait of his face behind him.
In my opinion the best part of the show is ‘Lemon Drops’. In this part of the show Keith is dressed as an arcade grabber and is controlled by the guest celebrity. Keith then grabs a lemon throws it into the crowd and the audience can win some prizes such as holidays.<?xml:namespace prefix =” o” ns =” “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office”” />

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