Keystart at Tonyrefail Comprehensive

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Rhian and me have started doing work in Tonyrefail Comprehensive school on Thursdays with keystart. Since I’m new(ish) to the cluster, it was decided we would do some team building games on the first week (try playing charades quietly!) and get up to more mischief on the second. Due to me having leave, these postings are late, none the less this is what we got up to on the last week before I was off. Building towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows and the young people had a fab time doing it. I never guessed that it would be so competitive, even girls vs boys! And sticky. And messy. (We did clean up after, but the room was only a bit sticky). I had also taken in puzzles made out of a foam, blue in colour, with the SFYP logo on them. The challenge was to build a cube out of the pieces (which I cannot do!) and then put the pieces back into their flat packs (which I can do). I’m embarrassed to say that there were several young people there who could do both in mere minutes, it was amazing to watch! Many of the young people were able to do one but not both, and that was an achievement in itself. Even those who were impatient had a go, and didn’t stop until they had conquered the puzzle. The result of this is young people have asked for more puzzles, if any of you peeps have any ideas then let me know.

“I didn’t think that I could do the cube, but then I had a really good go and did it! I never believed I would as I’m not good at puzzles. I really was chuffed.” – anonymous pupil.


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