Keystart at Tonyrefail

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Oooooo so much to tell you, so little time…

Ok, let me start from the beginning rather than start in the middle and getting all of you confused…

Rhian and me have started keystart in Tonyrefail school every Thursday, from October to end of November. These dates were vague due to staff leave and group planning, but this will be more solid in January.

Whilst we have been planning and sorting out workpacks (yes, work will start in January) we have been running team building exercises with the young people including who cal build the tallest free standing tower out of straws, desert island (Rhian was REALLY proud of her drawing!) conversation challenge, to name but a few. The week I was not in attendance saw the pupils making things out of Play-doh (and Rhian showed me the photos and they were fab). We have yet to use the Lego, which will be used for the conversation challenge in 3D, and for various ice breakers.

We will be running OCNs and other accredited outcomes in January, and we will make these fun and interesting, whilst encouraging group discussions and individual involvement.


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