Kids In Glass Houses at The Factory

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Last night I went to a gig that was at The Pop Factory, it was a free gig and there were camera crews there filming the pilot of a TV show. I’m not entirely sure what they were filming for, but the line up of bands were pretty good. Twice My Size, Revoker and Kids In Glass Houses.

I really enjoyed my night. Twice My Size were amazing. Their songs are ridiculously catchy and were stuck in my head for the rest of the night. Their song ‘Do It Now’ was my personal favourite, with catchy riffs and an upbeat melody. Their set consisted of 8 songs which included a few covers, where the crowd were happy to join in and sing along.

Revoker isn’t the type of music I would listen to, but I heard amazing reviews. People were saying that they reminded them of Metallica, and couldn’t resist headbanging to their songs.

Lastly, Kids In Glass Houses. Well, lets just say I was a little disappointed. Aled (the lead singer), turned up late and didn’t even bother to sound check. When he finally got to the venue, he just seemed like he wanted to leave. The rest of the band were being really lovely and apologising to some of the fans for his behaviour. Apart from the lead singer being a bit of a diva, they played amazing. As much as he annoyed me, the vocals that came from Aled were amazing. They played a very short set of about 5 or 6 songs which included hits such as ‘Matters At All’ and ‘Undercover Lover’. My favourite member of the band is now the drummer, Philip Jenkins, who was constantly smiling and really showed that he was having a good time.

All in all a good night with some amazing music.


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