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A new iPhone/iPad app called KnowDrugs: A Parents Guide has been released that gives parents an up-to-date and comprehensive list of drugs out there, ‘on the street’ if you will, and also details their effects, the dangers involved with each and also the key signs or symptoms to look out for.

The app contains around 60 short videos about the effects of drug taking and features interviews with ex-users and also, most importantly, what to do in an emergency. The app is also narrated/presented by film and TV actress Nicola Reynolds.

Drug use and misuse in the UK is a very serious issue with reportedly 1 in every 12 people having taken an illicit drug in the last year and there’s a rising need for addiction help and counselling. It is reported that around 16% of 16-24 year olds have taken an illicit drug. All these factors can be very worrisome to parents and to young people alike, so with the launch of this new app people are freely able to access any information they require exactly when they require it.

To download the app or for more information follow this link:

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