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Hello, people of CLIC!

My name is Lauren Bibli. You may have seen me about on Facebook or Twitter and you may have thought, “Who’s she?” Well, I’m here to tell you!

I’m a member of The Biblis family who promote the use of libraries in Wales. There’s so much about your local library on offer – it may surprise you! Anyway, I thought I’d introduce myself to you so you can get to know me better.

I’m a fifteen year old girl from South Wales. I am a Potterhead, it has to be said. I just love Harry Potter! I’m still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts, hehe. I’m really into my music. I like just about anything! I’m really supportive of Welsh bands and local bands: The Kix, Lostprophets, Eric Unseen and Ladies Love A Superhero are some of my favourite Welsh bands.

My favourite leisure time activity is chilling in the teen section in the library. I love playing Guitar Hero there, hiring DVDs for the weekend and just meeting with friends. The library isn’t just full of books, you know! Here are some things available at your local library:

  • Free books
  • Free internet access
  • Free family history resources
  • Free e-books
  • Free events for all
  • Free newspapers & magazines
  • Expert staff ready to help
  • Free audio and large print books
  • Get CDs and DVDs
  • Reserve and renew online
  • Borrow items from other libraries
  • Teen zones
  • Language courses
  • Mobile Libraries and housebound services
  • Homework help
  • Wii consoles

See? The library isn’t as boring as you thought after all. Did you know some libraries hold Zumba sessions and groups called ‘Knitting Nannies’?

Oh yeah, I should introduce the rest of my family. Mum is in her late 30s, she works part-time at the local hairdresser. She uses free internet access at her local library for planning the next family holiday, doing her supermarket shopping and chatting to other mums. Mum goes to a yoga class every Monday at her local library and has just started to learn Spanish with an audio book.

Dad is in his early 40s, he is a postman. He uses the library whenever he has to look after Baby Bibli – he loves seeing Baby Bibli having so much fun and getting out their favourite books to take home. Dad is a keen golfer – he is working his way through the golfing DVDs that show him where he’s going wrong with his swing.

Baby Bibli is 10 months old. He has been going to the library with Mum, Dad, Nana or me since he was born. He joins in the various toddler sessions and has a favourite cushion in the children’s area. He always has a smile for his favourite librarian ‘auntie’ Maggie.

Dylan is my seven-year-old brother. He loves football, his PS3 and spending time with his grandad. He has been going to the library with Grandad every Saturday for as long as he can remember. They go on the computers, pick out books and Grandad reads the newspapers while Dylan joins in with the craft sessions. Then they go for a cup of tea before catching the bus home and setting to work on the allotment.

Nana Bibli is a retired teacher. She looks after Dylan and Baby Bibli (pfft, I don’t need looking after. I just help) quite a lot and is always looking for new things to keep them entertained. Nana is researching her family history using the free family history services at the library and has already uncovered some exciting relations. She also goes to a reading group on a Tuesday evening and a knitting group on a Thursday morning at the library where she meets her friends for a good gossip.

Grandad Bibli is a retired electrician. He has an allotment and loves nothing more than spending time with Dylan discussing the best way to cultivate their vegetables. He has learnt how to use computers at the library and looks up gardening tips online as well as taking out lots of books and DVDs on gardening and his other passion – westerns!

So that’s about it, really. If you ever want to know something about the libraries and you’re stuck on who to ask, I’m your gal. I’ll be writing articles of my own on here, so keep an eye out.

You’d be surprised what goes on in your library!

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